West Coast Anti-Colonial, Anti-Capitalist Convergence!

Communiques & Reports from a Long Weekend of Action & Repression

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Below are some of the various writings & videos that have emerged in the aftermath of the clashes, repression, marches and demonstrations in San Francisco and Oakland over the long Columbus Day weekend. Solidarity with all those arrested and still held captive by the state!

All Our Ancestors Killed Colonists – communique re: 10/6 & 10/7 - Indybay

• Report From Anti Columbus March (10/6/2012)Indybay

• Anti-Capitalist/Anti-Colonial Protesters Clash with Police in San FranciscoPolitical Fail Blog

 San Francisco Police beat and arrest Demonstrators @ Anti Capitalist/ Anti Colonial March – CopWatch Video

• Afghans for Peace 10/8 Statement

• Individual communiqué from Oakland 10/07/12 - Anarchist News

• Decolonize Is Solidarity: Oakland protests the war in Afghanistan - TomVee TV

New ACAC posters and images!

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Featuring awesome artwork by Gord Hill

Check out all of the ACAC Posters  for downloading, printing, and passing around online here.

Sunday Oct 7: March on the 11 Year Anniversary of the Afghan War

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Rally: 6pm- March: 7pm- Oscar Grant Plaza (14th & Broadway Downtown Oakland)

Bay Area Autonomous Afghans & Allies calling on all Anti-colonialists, Anti-imperialists, Anti-capitalists! March & Rally in Oakland, CA, in response to AFP’s “Call Out for Solidarity” on the 11th anniversary of the War in Afghanistan.

“We call on the international community to join us on Sunday, October 7th in our actions across the globe. If we are not present in your city, we ask that you or your group organize an action to bring an end to not only this war, but every war. The impending war against Iran and Syria. The war on drugs. The war against women. The war against people of color and the poor. The war against indigenous peoples and their lands. The war against our environment. All WARS.”

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Decolonizing the New World Means Listening to Native Voices

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 As the one year anniversary of the encampment at Oscar Grant Plaza approaches, we as organizers within the Occupy, Decolonize and Anti-Capitalist movements find ourselves faced with new challenges and opportunities. Thousands have been inspired and served by the camp and important connections have been made that have served to strengthen us in the face of even the most brutal repression. We continue to defy the police state, we continue to open public space, to farm, to build the world we want to see. We now are faced with questions of how to push these critiques of capital and the State further and to continue to strengthen and develop ourselves across scenes and communities. To find these answers we need to first look at the ground we walk. Read the rest of this entry »

ACAC Action Posters

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download 11×17 poster for printing
download 4up quartersheets for printing

download 8.5×11 poster for printing
download 4up quartersheets for printing

download 8.5×11 poster for printing

Smash Colonialism, Capitalism, Columbus Day…

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Welcome to the Decolonize the New World 2012 website. This site will compile calls to action, demonstration details and ways to get involved in the coming weeks as we prepare for the West Coast convergence in San Francisco during Columbus Day Weekend. Please check back regularly for updates and additional details. See you in the streets.

This convergence is being called for by Decolonize and Anti-Capitalist comrades in the Pacific Northwest and Bay Area.

*artwork by Gord Hill