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Celebrate Indigenous People’s Day by Demanding EBRPD Listen to Native Voices!

On Tuesday October 9th, East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) will hold its final public comment meeting on the upcoming revisions of its Master Plan. We are asking for a massive display of public support at the meeting to amplify regional Indigenous people’s concerns. For more than a decade local Native people have insisted that EBRPD implement appropriate protection and management of cultural sites and resources within their jurisdiction. EBRPD has consistently failed to acknowledge these perspectives. Please take the opportunity to commemorate Indigenous People’s Day by demanding that EBRPD finally include local Native voices and create effective policies to guide the stewardship of sacred land.

The recent video Buried Voices documents EBRPD’s handling of Brushy Peak, the site of Ohlone, Miwok, and Yokut origin stories that was developed into a recreation area against the wishes of local Indigenous people. This is only one example of the many sacred areas that EBRPD has mismanaged.

At this point we are asking supporters to take several critical actions as follows to help us hold EBRPD accountable for their continued lack of attention to the concerns of Indigenous people and encourage them to create a responsible position for the future, starting with appropriate changes to their agency’s Master Plan:

Please join us at both of the upcoming EBRPD public meetings. While we would like a strong attendance at the Oct 3rd meeting, we are particularly emphasizing a large turn-out for the final meeting on Oct 9th. We ask that supporters wear black t-shirts and bring signs with the slogan: EBRPD: Listen to Native Voices. Please make sure you get the acronym for their name correct- yes, it’s long… 🙂

October 9th- 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Richmond Memorial Auditorium,
Bermuda Room,
403 Civic Center Plaza
 Richmond, CA 94804